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Not only are we Certified Arborist, we are the fine pruning pros!  No one excels as much as Tuft’s at creating the fine pruning aesthetic we advise and create. If you have a tree you really love and it deserves some TLC, try Tuft’s! Maintenance Tree Service makes up the bulk of our work and consists of a wide spectrum of practical options- whether it is simply removing large dead branches or crown thinning a mature tree- working through the entire crown with a fine tooth comb.

One of the advantages of having a rope-and-saddle based tree access approach is that there are usually several options when it comes to gaining access to a tree. We are able to work in settings inaccessible to lift trucks or where heavy equipment would cause unwanted damage. Nearly all preservations and restorations begin with some degree of thinning and fine pruning. If necessary, we use anchors, steel cable and non-invasive support devices. Whether it’s an especially valuable tree or a tree section looming over an especially valuable structure- we’ll make it as safe as possible.

Tuft’s Tree Service is a family owned, artisanal business.  You can rest assured that the person who comes to look and advise you on your trees, will be on site come the day when the work is to be completed.  Chris Johnson is not only a Kansas Arborists Association Certified Arborist, he also has a degree in Biodiveristy Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

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